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Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing

From patterns of wounding to spirit flight

For years I focused on healing my wounds. Peeling off layers, and more layers.

In the beginning of my osteopathy and coaching practice I was doing the same. Yet intuitively I knew there was more about disease and struggles, that it was an invitation of ones soul to start to live more fully.

We can spend our whole life healing or we can start living now

When I started studying energy medicine and shamanism I realised (again) how important it is to also focus on our becoming, to start to align and be informed by our highest self.

Illuminate your core wounds

Interestingly, all the things we suffer from, be it physical problems, emotional or relational challenges, destructive thinking patterns or dissatisfaction with job or life, they all come from a couple of core wounds.

If you start to examen your own life and notice where you experience(d) stress, difficulties, challenges, you will start to see that similar underlying themes run the show.

For example: a person who was raised in a family with physical or emotional neglect may have created the belief that they are not lovable. This can lead to for example pleasing behavior, working very hard, making sure everybody is happy in an attempt to cover the initial wounding. It is not hard to imagine that this type of person can feel exhausted, struggle with intimate relationships and suffer from physical tension.

Instead of working through each of the "symptoms" individually, addressing the core wound and the story around it, will create a shift in all of these situations at once.

Dive into the deep unknow

Once the core wounds are identified and healed, we can start to look a bit deeper into how the perception of ourselves, the others and the world is also shaped by ancestral, cultural, energetic and karmic influences.

In releasing ourselves from these ancient cords, toxic patterns or intrusive energies, we can start directing our gaze at who we actually are and why we are here.

Soul retrieval

And then life starts to actually become exciting. I would even dare to say, this is the moment life actually starts instead of history repeating itself. We can start to embark on a journey into the heart of our being and becoming.

Retrieving parts we have long forgotten, makes our heart sing and our soul fly

We are not meant to wait until someone will come and save us, or better circumstances appear. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And it is time, to rise and co-create this new world together.

Spirit flight

It is only in the becoming one with spirit that one truly comes home, to themselves, to this world and to his/her becoming. This reconnection is like the breath of life, the light itself flowing through you. From here body mind soul can be at ease.

It doesn’t mean it is easy. It requires great courage and wisdom to choose for the higher calling when history and "symptoms" kick in, often as a "friendly" reminder that we are off track.

In moments like this, observing the patterns lovingly and realigning with your true nature will make all the difference. Our daily actions can become driven again by source and supported by spirit. Like an effortless flight, carried by the river of life to our true destiny.

Are you ready to embark on your souls’s journey?

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