Afspraak maken

Transformative healing journey

Are you ready to uncover your hidden gems and step into the light of your being?

But do you still feel held back by fears, doubts, health or relational challenges?

Or are you ready to jump but you lack direction or a deeper trust in the goodness of life?

Keep reading.

It is Time to spread your wings!

No matter what your stories are, you can learn to move beyond and dream your world into being.

By journeying to your most fundamental wounds, you release the heaviness and stuckness around recurrent patterns in your life, health, relationships and work.

Healing the core wound brings about major shifts in once life!

You can then start to rewrite your stories, letting go of old beliefs that kept you in the loop of suffering.

Transformation is like shedding skins, letting go of what no longer serves you to reveal that what you are.

As you start to drink from the elixir of life, you start remembering your gifts.

What comes naturally to you, once you step out of your own way?

And last but not least, how can you share these gifts with the world?

Imagine a life with more ease, loving relationships, abundace, meaning and vitality.

Excited to embark on a transformative healing journey together?

  • This is for you if feel the longing to step into the light and respond to the calling of your soul.
  • This is for you if you feel committed to your healing journey and know there is something greater awaiting you.
  • This is for you if you want to open up to the magic and wonders of life.
  • This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix.
  • This is not for you if you are looking for a therapist to save you or heal you.
  • This is not for you if you cannot make time or commit to your journey.

Book your 15 minute free check-in-call with Elise

  • Heal the wounds of the past
  • Restore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • Engage in loving relationships
  • Uncover your hidden gems
  • Share your gifts with the world

Every moment can be the best moment of your life…if you start living it.

Who am I?

“Inside all of us resides a power, a light, that is stronger then any fear, a power that is life, that which can create and dream a new world into being”
(Elise Pattyn)

Book your 15 minute free check-in-call with me!

20 + years of Working experience

I have been touching peoples hearts since I was a teenager. I continued to do so professionally using different tools and practices.

I love to tap into the wisdom of the field and let myself be guided and inspired, inviting people to embody the divine light we are.

Training and education

  • My most important teachers are life, my body, connections with others, nature and the field.
  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Osteopathy, specialised in psychosomatic health
  • Body&mind language coaching & training
  • Shamanic Energy Medicine