Afspraak maken

Day Retreat - Kismaros, Hungary

From stagnation to flow

We all know these moments in life when things don't go as planned, we feel stuck or we see ourselves running around in circles.

Most of the time, we don't suffer from what is actually happening, yet it is our own (subconscious) inability to sense and allow what we are feeling and experiencing or endless thinking that creates the "stuckness", "the stagnation".

During this day, we will investigate with a small group of people what keeps us in the loop of suffering and resistance and invite you to feel, sense and move in the direction of flow, ease and grace.

We will provide a safe and loving bedding in which there is plenty of time to explore, dive deep and come out refreshed and with renewed life energy.

You are welcome with any kind of "stagnation" or "question": physical pain or stiffness; a relationship problem, life questions, work challenge, emotional challenge or if you feel resonance with stagnation as a metaphore and the desire for more ease, flow and aliveness.

Day retreat: program* 14th of October 2023



Arrival & tea

Welcome! A moment to have a tea, enjoy the sun and arrive on the sacred land and in the beautiful yurt!


Opening circle & Body Mind Soul Workshop
After the opening circle we will set an intention and explore the theme of the day.
Through movement, dance, Body&Mind interventions (alone and with partners) and sharings, you will become aware of the patterns that block your life flow.
Using the language and wisdom of the body and the field of consciousness we will invite you to sense, feel and move into the direction of ease. The workshop is guided by life music!

13:15 Lunch


Sensing deeper through connecting with nature
As we either go on a silent bare foot walk or refreshing dive in the Danube, we allow our inner processes to unfold even more. Slowing down. Nothing to do. Listening deeply. Allowing the wisdom of the field of consciousness to speak to us.


Sharing, integration & personal guidance
We will reflect on the insights and learning of the day and how to translate these to your daily life.

16:30 Break

17:30Mantra singing circle
After the intense day of working through the different layers and aspects of ourselves, we give space to celebration in a Mantra circle.

Whilst singing together, we give voice, give reality to the yearnings that live in our heart. Through a sound, a melody, a humming we allow for a subtle but real expression of love to emerge from us and penetrate us from the voice of the others.

It is through this exploration that we probe the depths and heights existing inside us, which we can reach only when we go beyond the barriers of the mind.

It is through the re-shaping of our self-image - at the root - that life becomes free to find it's way to bring nourishment and alignment to the flower that we all are.

19:30Potluck ** + hanging out

21:00Closing circle

21:30 Going home

* Program is subject to change according to how the group, and day flows!

** For the potluck dinner we would like to create a table of abundance. Please bring one dish for about 4 people to share with everybody.


  • Date: Saturday 14th of October 2023
  • Location: Temple yurt standing on earthen floor, Janoshegyi ut, Kismaros, Hungary (Google maps coordinate will follow in email after registration) If you are lost, call Dani on 06704070522.
  • Language: English and Hungarian.
  • Contribution: 28.000 HUF. To be paid cash before the start of the day. (If this means for you a financial difficulty, let us know!)
  • Lunch included.
  • For the potluck dinner we would like to create a table of abundance. Please bring one dish for about 4 people.
  • Cancellation policy: no refund.


Places are limited. Please register yourself beforehand.

In your sessions you create a magical flow for a deep dive. The safe bedding and enough space for feedback means that I can really go deep and dare to reflect on what I really feel. Of course I found it challenging to open myself up in a group, but also felt like a unique opportunity: to finally play freely, practice, be experienced and vulnerable. I hadn't expected that there would be so much more reflection in groups, it made a lot clear to me. What a gift!
– Anouk
A safe atmosphere with very professional guidance and within a short time deep inner work towards a feeling of joy, flow and connection!
– Jill van der Veen
The workshops with Elise and Dani are amazing! They open the heart and mind with bodywork, dance, and music. I can strongly recommend it if you want to reconnect with yourself, feel your deep emotions, and understand your actions. Elise teaches you how to go deeply into your body, how to feel your body and read it like a book.
– Liza Baranyai
During the workshop I experienced freedom, joy, intense love and I felt completely seen as a human being. It started flowing in my body and started to feel alive once again. Because of Elise's beautiful way of being as a person and her attunement to us, thoroughness, intuitive experience and the silences, this was magical for me. Fantastic to be able to move yourself in that higher vibration and connect with people you don't know. Body work and Dani's amazing music has opened up the space in my opinion.
– Alie Maliepaard