Afspraak maken

Live your true nature!

Join this transformative 4-week training designed to

connect deeply to your self and activate your inner wisdom

Whether you're navigating the complexities of life, feeling stuck, looking for a way to break free from recurrent patterns or pains, or simply looking for spiritual growth, our training is designed to guide you toward healing, inner freedom, empowerment and profound transformation.

This 4-week journey is crafted to support you in:



The sessions will invite you to go beyond the thinking mind and sink deep into the wisdom of your body and authentic self.

The training guides you through releasing old patterns and embracing transformative growth, emerging stronger and more aligned with your essence.



Through healing journeys you will cleanse what no longer serves you and align your energy with the cosmic light.

By harvesting the gifts and wisdom of our stories we can start moving forwards in life with renewed strength and clarity.

Ready for take-off??

We will provide a safe and loving bedding in which there is plenty of time to explore, dive deep and come out refreshed and with renewed life energy.

If this resonates with you, join us for the take off on Saturday 14th of September 2024.


Body Mind Soul Spirit

Learning tools & practices

Elise combines a wide range of knowledge, different techniques and practices ranging from: bodywork, embodiment & movement practices, to cutting edge neuroscience, ancient wisdom and healing techniques of the shaman's, body&mind language interventions, ritual and sharing. Alongside there is life music played by Daniel, making every workshop into a sacred inner journey.

Let's embarque on this 4 - week journey

into the heart of your being

Places are limited to 8 participants. Please register yourself to secure your seat.

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If you are not sure if this is for you or you have a personal question you can write to Elise:

Practical information

  • Dates: Saturday 14 & 21 of September; Saturday 5 & 12 of October. 2024.
  • Time: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Location: Earth& sky; Sutan Sjahrirstraat 27, 2033 CL Haarlem.
  • Language: Dutch
  • 1-1 sessions before/during/after available on request
    • with Elise: shamanic healing, osteopathy, body mind soul coaching
    • with Dani: yoga & sound healing.


In the world of today, where so many images no longer serve us nor the whole, it is our duty to look beyond what we know and open our hearts again; connect with out inner wisdom, each other and the source of all life.

So let's open our eyes again, let our hearts feel what is true, grow in loving presence and awareness, transform and heal.

It takes incredible courage and strength to move beyond that what we know, to stop identifying with our patterns, feelings and stories of our past. Yet it is in only in truth that we can really rise and live our greatness, in service of the all.

So let's come together, and walk the path of truth, wisdom and aliveness.

See you at the gate!

Elise & Dani

What other people say

The workshops with Elise and Dani are amazing! They open the heart and mind with bodywork, dance, and music. I can strongly recommend it if you want to reconnect with yourself, feel your deep emotions, and understand your actions. Elise teaches you how to go deeply into your body, how to feel your body and read it like a book.
– Liza Baranyai
During the workshop I experienced freedom, joy, intense love and I felt completely seen as a human being. It started flowing in my body and started to feel alive once again. Because of Elise's beautiful way of being as a person and her attunement to us, thoroughness, intuitive experience and the silences, this was magical for me. Fantastic to be able to move yourself in that higher vibration and connect with people you don't know. Body work and Dani's amazing music has opened up the space in my opinion.
– Alie Maliepaard
In your sessions you create a magical flow for a deep dive. The safe bedding and enough space for feedback means that I can really go deep and dare to reflect on what I really feel. Of course I found it challenging to open myself up in a group, but also felt like a unique opportunity: to finally play freely, practice, be experienced and vulnerable. I hadn't expected that there would be so much more reflection in groups, it made a lot clear to me. What a gift!
– Anouk
A safe atmosphere with very professional guidance and within a short time deep inner work towards a feeling of joy, flow and connection!
– Jill van der Veen